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Brady Campaign-endorsed Illinois politician facing child pornography charges

Has Farnham given new meaning to the old anti-gun slogan "For the children"?
Illinois House Democrats

A leader in the fight against concealed carry in Illinois was “charged Monday with using both personal and state-owned computers to trade hundreds of images and videos depicting child pornography,” The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday. Former State Rep. Keith Farnham also reportedly bragged in online chats about molesting young children, and allegedly used state-owned computers to store and trade pictures and videos.

“12 is about as old as i can handle,” charges leaving typographical errors uncorrected allege Farnham claimed. “i love them at 6 7 8.”

The charges, while not unexpected from an investigation first reported in March, when Federal agents executed search warrants for his home and office. Farnham resigned shortly thereafter, citing health reasons.

The charges are ironic, because the former representative “twice co-sponsored bills in the House that toughened penalties for child pornography.”

He was also a leading proponent of “gun control,” described by Gun Rights Across America President and Founder Eric Reed as “one of the ‘ringleaders’ in Springfield opposing a concealed carry bill.”

That assessment is corroborated by Farnham’s Project Vote Smart political summary, which confirms “Keith Farnham was rated 0% by National Rifle Association” and ”Keith Farnham was rated F by National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund.”

Significantly, Vote Smart also documents “Keith Farnham was endorsed by Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.”

The irony is compounded because the very concept of gun control centers on a belief that ordinary people cannot be trusted to control themselves. If the charges against Farnham prove out in court, it will make fair the question of why someone who cannot, or will not, control himself should seek to control those who can and do. That in turn makes fair the speculation that projection may be a factor to examine, and to ask how someone who secretly knows he cannot be trusted can possibly trust anyone else. It also opens the possibility that resentment of those who do not share in moral defects accounts for a sick desire to lash out at them, and raises one final question:

What is it about these guys?


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