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Brad Pitt trivia: Zombie movie 'World War Z' his top grossing film?

It seems to be official. Brad Pitt's new Zombie movie "World War Z" is (to date) his top grossing film. On Aug. 11, 2013, The Hollywood Reporter covered the story, noting that the movie star had done nothing short of pulling off a miracle by producing, directing, and starring in the mortifying thriller.

Brad Pitt's top grossing film 'World War Z' surpried Hollywood insiders with it's intelligent storyline and dramatic special effect segments.
Paramount Pictures

THR reports,

Over the weekend, the worldwide total for his zombie tentpole World War Z grew to $502.6 million, surpassing the $497.3 million earned by historical epic Troy.

From Paramount and Skydance Produtions, World War Z is one of the summer's few success stories. The movie has grossed $197.4 million domestically (also a best for Pitt) and $305.2 million at the foreign box office.

"World War Z" may have been his most successful film to date not simply because of the famous Hollywood actor's star power but because it combined all the elements of a science fiction cult classic film with special effects from modern day. The film itself had an engaging storyline -- one with an element of believability in modern day.

Because the emphasis was on Zombies, the movie captured the attention of the masses. However, when movie goers watched and back peddled in their seats while expecting gore, no real gross parts aired. Whenever a tense moment boiled up, there might have been a sensational sound effect or two that hinted about what gruesome sequence of events unfurled, but aside from watching what looked painful [a person turning into a Zombie after being bitten] the film featured no real gore.

To that end, movie goers of all ages were able to enjoy the thriller without leaving the theater feeling like they could never un-see something violent, graphic, or disgusting. While the sound of gnashing teeth will forever now sound creepy, people remember more about the storyline after seeing the flick than they do about watching Brad Pitt play the hero in any of the movie scenes.

That's what makes "World War Z" so unique. Compare the film to "Troy" and you can hardly remember anything about that film except how fit and trim Pitt looked in a toga back then. But with his new top grossing film, if one did not know better they might marvel at the very real fact that he was actually in it.

As for Zombies grossing top summer blockbuster earnings, Paramount's hit was definitely a sleeper. Coming on strong right out of the gate and appearing to be the film's biggest rival for ticket sales was the new Marvel Comic film "The Wolverine". Comic Book Movie says, "The Hugh Jackman [comic book superhero movie] has grossed over $300M worldwide, while Brad Pitt's zombie thriller has crossed the $500M global mark."

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