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Bracken books available for free download tomorrow and Thursday

Readers can opbtain free Kindle downloads of "bleeding-edge dytopian thrillers" tomorrow and Thursday.
Readers can opbtain free Kindle downloads of "bleeding-edge dytopian thrillers" tomorrow and Thursday.
Matthew Bracken

Repeating offers made in the past that gave readers free downloads of his “bleeding-edge dystopian thrillers,” author Matthew Bracken will once more be providing Kindle versions of his books at no cost, starting Wednesday and continuing through Thursday.

“I'm going to put the Enemies Trilogy on a Kindle ‘free run’ on Wednesday, January 15th,” Bracken announced to followers on Facebook. “The next day I'll free run my other two books. Pass the word to avid readers who might be short of bucks currently."

See the graphic accompanying this column for the titles being offered.

“My main goal with this is to get the [books] downloaded by folks who have never heard of them,” Bracken explained.

Because the free download links are not yet active, this column will be updated when the promotions go live.

Those who take advantage of these offers are reminded that even though the books are "free," it’s important for those receiving gifts to acknowledge them. The best way to express gratitude in this case (in addition to purchasing one or more of Bracken’s books), is to share this offer with others, and to help him attain his goal for doing this in the first place: To get his work in front of people who would otherwise never hear of it.

January 15 Update: The EFAD trilogy is available for free Kindle download today only. As with previous offers, if you don't have a Kindle, no problem -- Amazon has a free reader app.

January 16 Update: Free downloads are being offered today for Castigo Cay and The Bracken Anthology.


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