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‘Borderlands 2’ golden keys given out to fans for in-game gear

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Gearbox Software took to their official Twitter account today in order to post SHiFT Codes for use on all systems for their popular co-op shooter, “Borderlands 2.” The codes, which will remain active through tomorrow, are good for a single redemption of five golden key inside the game. Even months after the game’s release, Gearbox Software still regularly provides fans with SHiFT Codes which promises players access to rare in-game loot.

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Golden keys allow players to open a locked loot chest inside the city of Sanctuary. Unlocking the chest permanently consumes the golden key and guarantees a rare, level appropriate, piece of gear. Since the gear acquired with a golden key scales with a player’s level, it’s advised to wait on using the key until late in the game to ensure a good high-level piece of equipment. The SHiFT Code for each system below may be entered into the “Borderlands 2” main menu.

  • Xbox 360: WB5TJ-9KF95-3TZ3X-KR3JJ-FW9R3

Borderlands 2” is out now for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC/Mac from developer Gearbox Software.