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'Borderlands 2' finally nerfs The Bee shield

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Gearbox Software today released patch notes to an update for the PC version of “Borderlands 2” that included a nerf to the controversial Bee shield. The legendary drop allowed players with full shields to continuously punish foes with massive amounts of damage, thus giving fans the ability to down the game’s massive boss fights in mere seconds.

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This lead many to vocally sound out their belief that the item was overpowered and destroyed the supposed complexity that boss fights were meant to carry in the game. On the other hand, proponents of the shield argued that it allowed them to actually play the game with just themselves or one other player. After all, they felt that “Borderlands 2” was a game that was meant to be playable for one to four players, not a game that absolutely required one to play with a full group of people if they desired to even think about doing the game’s later content.

Gearbox Software apparently decided to side with the first group as they powered down The Bee shield today, seeming dooming solo players to have to find another game to play after the nerf added a cool down rate to The Bee’s extra damage. Additionally, the bonus damage is spread between all shots fired which effectively renders a shotgun’s spread fire ineffective when used with the once legendary drop.

This is another point in the growing debate of whether the “Borderlands” franchise is a viable single-player friendly series or if the franchise is trying too hard to be like an MMORPG title that it simply is not.

Currently the nerf only affects PC gamers, but console owners should be receiving the “Borderlands 2” patch which kills The Bee shield once they pass certification.

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