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‘Borderlands 2’ experiencing issues with Sir Hammerlock’s DLC compatibility pack

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Preparing for the release of the third campaign DLC for “Borderlands 2,” Gearbox Software announced today that a new compatibility pack is now available to download on the Xbox 360 for tomorrow’s DLC add-on, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. A compatibility pack has been released alongside every “Borderlands 2” add-on thus far. The purpose of the packs are to allow gamers to continue to play online with others regardless of whether everyone in the party has purchased specific DLC or not.

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However, shortly after the compatibility pack became available for download on Xbox 360, Gearbox Software tweeted that they were aware of issues players were experiencing with the download and stated, “We're looking into the errors some are encountering while downloading the Compatibility Pack on Xbox 360. Details as we have them.”

The issue is that the compatibility pack is hanging up at 99% complete during download and never finishing. Since the compatibility pack is required to play online, Xbox 360 users are left unable to play in online parties with other players until the issue is resolved. Gearbox is actively working on the problem and hopes to have the issue resolved within the next few hours.