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‘Borderlands 2’ developer gives free loot to fans in the middle of the night

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Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, stayed up late this morning in order to award fans today with new codes good for "Borderlands 2" golden keys inside the popular co-op shooter. Pitchford posted the codes early this Sunday morning which are good for a single golden key in “Borderlands 2” for all platforms. The developer is known for regularly handing out the SHiFT codes good for in-game loot which helps keep his fans happy.

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Many times, these codes are posted during a time of the day that many feel only benefit gamers in North America. Making note of this, right before posting the codes at a time when many Americans would be in bed, Pitchford tweeted, “Good morning Europe! Here's a SHiFT code for a Golden Key for Borderlands 2. Good luck and happy looting!”

Players may use their golden key to unlock a special chest located in the city of Sanctuary. This chest can only be unlocked through the use of golden keys which are acquired through promotional code handouts. The gear, found inside Sanctuary’s chest, is always of rare quality and matches the player’s level. Thus it is recommended to wait until max level to use any stockpiled golden keys in the game. Today’s SHiFT codes available for each system are listed below and may be entered in the game’s main menu.

  • Playstation 3: WBKJJ-B3RCJ-WC5CT-SJWBB-3FBC3
  • Xbox 360: KTW33-XWFS5-ZZRJ6-K6BBB-9JJFC
  • PC/Mac: CT5BB-69X5C-HW6B3-33BB3-H66F

Borderlands 2” is out now for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC/Mac.



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