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Border patrol agents ordered to stand down

Obama administration orders US Border Patrol to stand down if attacked by illegal aliens crossing the southern US border
Obama administration orders US Border Patrol to stand down if attacked by illegal aliens crossing the southern US border
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

New orders issued by the Obama administration bans engagement and forces agents to run and hide in the face of an attack by illegals crossing the porous southern US border.

Imagine a US citizen hurling dangerous projectiles, such as rocks or other items, at a law enforcement officer in the United States. Now imagine that same US citizen doing so after being caught committing an illegal act or violating US laws. Chances are that officer is not going to be acting very friendly toward that citizen.

Even if lucky to have found an officer that has the utmost respect for the sanctity of human life, that individual could be considered fortunate if they were only subjected to a tazing and/or beating while being arrested for assaulting, or even attempting to assault said officer. Many citizens suffer a fate much worse and often times for far less than merely throwing rocks or the like.

On the other side of the coin, anyone in the United States, regardless of whether or not they are a US citizen, retains the right to defend themselves up to and including the use of deadly force if being attacked with dangerous or potentially deadly objects. Almost everyone understands the concept of the right to defend oneself from an attacker, in almost every circumstance.

But if you happen to be a federal border patrol agent on the other hand, even though you patrol the most dangerous border in the world currently, you no longer have the right to defend yourself under the same or similar circumstances, according to recent orders (already taken off-line) given by the Obama administration. Even if those individuals happen to be known drug dealers bringing illicit drugs in the country.

If that happens to shock you like it does many others, or makes you wonder just how ridiculous it is to force border patrol agents to stand down in the face of an attack by an illegal alien crossing the border (making a bad situation that much worse) you're not alone. Anyone analyzing the circumstances would have a very difficult time being fooled into thinking this is just another example of incompetent politicians legislating on emotion, rather than on reason and reality.

After all, putting the lives and safety of individuals charged with protecting the border and the very security of the United States in jeopardy, in favor of individuals who happen to be breaking the law (making a law enforcement officer's job even harder than it already is) couldn't possibly have been a mere mistake, or a gaffe in legislative judgment.

So rather than simply assuming that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency values the lives of people breaking the law and entering the US illegally over that of their own border patrol agents, it is far more safe to assume that this is instead another example of corrupt, rogue elements within the US government acting out upon their desperate fervor to continue destroying any semblance of what's left of the sovereignty and independence of the United States. In order to continue an admitted agenda to weaken the country in favor of a regional and eventual one-world government.

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