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Book Review: Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts


Also known to many as, "the craft Bible," Martha Stewart's Encylopedia of Crafts is a great go-to book for anyone (crafter or not) looking to keep easy inspiration on hand.

Consisting of 30 different craft techniques the book, which is organized A-Z; starting with Albums, Scrap Books and Memory Boxes and ending with XYZ Tools and Materials Glossary is filled with classicly beautiful projects. The book features 17 years of craft content from the the editors at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

The editors have included a variety of projects, step-by-step techniques and templates including; candle making, calligraphy, sewing, soap making, quilling and silk screening. Now for a featured craft straight out of the book.

Project: Glittered Candles

Supplies: Fine glitter, dust mask, light-colored pillar or taper candles, large card board box, masking tap spray adhesive

How-to: Lay paper over work area. Fill a few bowls with fine glitter. Place a candle in the large box, covering the wicks with masking tape before spraying. Wearing a dust mask, spray the adhesive outside or in a well-ventilated area. Spoon glitter over the candles to coat; let dry overnight on the paper. Remove tape from wicks.

Like her or not, Martha didn't disappoint with this book. The variety of projects keeps you interested but are never intimidating. This is a must have book. Available at your local Target, Barnes & Noble or click here to purchase through Amazon.


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