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Boehner vs. Obama is just another wasteful standoff

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shown on the right, has proposed legislation authorizing a lawsuit by Congress against President Barack Obama
House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shown on the right, has proposed legislation authorizing a lawsuit by Congress against President Barack Obama
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The most recent strain of political derangement has been aimed at President Barack Obama by House Speaker John Boehner in the form of proposed litigation against the President for failing to execute his prescribed duties as outlined in the United States Constitution. Activists on the far right are clamoring for this as a means of exposing the President’s practice of selective enforcement, while those on the far left are calling it a total witch hunt.

It’s really neither. It is, without a doubt, a bald faced waste of valuable time and resources.

As much as activists wish to scream it from the rooftops – shouting is too namby-pamby for these folks – the fact is the nation is not burning while a presidential Nero fiddles away in the Oval Office. The world is not spinning off its axis, and the universe is not having some dreadful quantum singularity developing somewhere near our planet threatening our way of life. Granted, Obama has, indeed, been on a de-facto leave of sorts for many weeks. Dinners with dignitaries and heads of state have revealed he has lost his own faith in the American people. This lends to the suspicion that he has “bought into his own hype.” Unfortunately, for Obama, this is a matter of him trying to do too much, too fast, too soon while being seen by the far left as an instrument of vengeance against conservatives. This, in and of itself, is a symptom of the core problem, and its an issue which both parties suffer from.

While our nation has always been skilled at handling internal crises and, moreover, seems to excel as succeeding in spite of ourselves, we like to do it without someone trying to shove their will down the collective national throat.

Boehner appears to be doing the exact same thing he’s accusing the President of and, worse still, is refusing to see his own hypocrisy. The Republican Party has zero qualms with trying to shove its will down the national throat, only where Obama’s attempt to make the nation “eat its peas” was ensconced in the Pollyanna-ish notion of lifting the poor and downtrodden up, the GOP’s will appears aimed more at trying to bring the nation back to the “straight and narrow” morally, with moralists emphasizing “straight.” What’s amusing is that while both parties are aiming their mutual sights on elevating the “best and brightest,” their own narrative seems driven, as always by the loudest and most obnoxious. The GOP has been fighting its own internal war for control, and that war had taken a heavy toll on common sense.

Boehner’s attempt to derail Obama vis-à-vis the courts is yet another act in the eternal battle between the Legislative and Executive Branches of government. If Boehner was a true “strict constructionist,” this sort of lawsuit would become near instant history. There is precious little the Speaker can hope to accomplish with this action, aside from whipping the party base into enough of a frenzy that will go to the polls and put Republicans into full control of Congress in November. Even then, any sort of impeachment proceedings which could occur would have to be done at the party’s peril. Don’t think for a moment that the President and congressional Dems don’t have a dossier on Republicans that could be leaked to the media should impeachment hearings actually begin. Larry Flynt’s threats during the Clinton saga will look like small potatoes should that happen.

At the risk of going off the political correctness reservation, both parties are in a Mexican standoff by way of Russian Roulette, and the American people are caught in the crossfire.

What makes this who affair so tragic is the fact that far more pressing matters could be attended to. A comprehensive infrastructure repair bill, a VA reform bill, or even a full reconfiguration of the Medicaid/Medicare program could be tossed out for consideration. There are so many things which the resources and time used by this silly notion of legal checkmate could be applied to, but Boehner or, at the very least, those who bankroll him, appear hellbent on creating a political vortex which they believe would destroy Obama’s legacy or, at the best, make him frustrated enough to want to resign.

The reality is that both parties could do this, and be accused of the same thing. Whether or not Congress has "the guts" do anything about Obama is immaterial. Whatever he did in his presidency can be repealed, and the best case scenario for Republicans is veto-proof control of Congress, but even that is no guarantee of an end to this political madness.

Mr. Boehner and right wing activists, please do the nation a favor and focus our resources on something more worthwhile. Tilting at Presidential windmills is neither productive, nor is it realistic. At some point, both parties will suffer in the form of a voter backlash.

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