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Bob Costas returns to NBC on Monday; fans warned red eyes, glasses will be seen

Bob Costas returns to NBC on Monday
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Bob Costas is returning to NBC and he is going to talk Olympics. However, his health isn't 100% yet and the fans need to know a few details. Apparently he still needs to wear his glasses for the show. And his eyes? According to For the Win on Monday, he still has a little bit of red in his eyes and that people will see on the air.

Olympic fans are thrilled the man who eat, sleeps and maybe even drinks Olympic facts and figures is returning to the airwaves. So a little red in his eyes? That’s completely acceptable.

The Olympic evening coverage has been passed around for the last few days as Bob Costas has been struggling with pink eye. The popular sports journalist tried covering the Olympics for a few nights, but his eyes got progressively worse and had to temporarily step away. Fans have seen Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira take over his duties.

While nobody is complaining about the hosts who took his job, there is a certain sense of relief knowing the Olympic sport caster is on his way back to the studio. Viewers will try to keep the eye jokes to a minimum and many will even cheer Bob Costas on! Welcome back Bob Costas! Sochi has been lacking without you!

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