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Bloomberg’s support of Cochran puts gun groups on spot to justify ‘A’ ratings

Do Bloomberg's reasons for supporting Cochran inslude knowing the incumbent supports establshment immigration policies that will jeopardize the Second Amendment?
Do Bloomberg's reasons for supporting Cochran inslude knowing the incumbent supports establshment immigration policies that will jeopardize the Second Amendment?
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“Michael Bloomberg just gave Mississippi gun owners 250,000 more reasons to vote for Chris McDaniel in the Republican primary runoff election,” Gun Owners of America Vice Chairman Tim Macy pointed out in a press release announcing support for the challenger over the incumbent. “Bloomberg, who has pledged to spend $50 million to push gun control this year, put a quarter of a million dollars into a 'super pac' that’s supporting ... Thad Cochran.”

There’s an uncomfortable problem with that, as this correspondent explained last night toward the end of the third hour of the nationally-syndicated Armed American Radio program, after journalist Charles Johnson shared how Magnolia State voters resent outside meddling: GOA’s website still, at this writing, assigns Cochran an “A” grade. What’s more, the rating is still posted over six months after GOA issued an alert telling supporters “There are several Senators who sat by and let [the 10-year renewal of ‘the so-called plastic gun ban’] pass -- and they are being primaried by conservative challengers. This includes ... Thad Cochran...”

At least GOA is now actively working to support McDaniel, but they’re spending money to work against themselves with gun owners who might miss their endorsement and vote based on grades. The National Rifle Association, for its part, endorsed Cochran over his “Tea Party foe ... giving the embattled Mississippi Republican a boost as he faces his toughest race in 30 years.”

While questionable NRA grades are no surprise for longtime readers of this column, GOA working against itself is a relatively new phenomenon noted this election cycle. Even though GOA ran ads that helped bring about the startling upset victory of David Brat over an elite-connected and favored incumbent, their site still gives Eric Cantor an “A,” and that’s after a comparison of the two identified problems with a tangential issue that could jeopardize the Second Amendment in a few decades, at least as a political issue. Immigration can make or break a campaign, as results from Virginia indicate. A comparison between Brat and Cantor showed a clear difference between the two on that issue, yet, inexplicably, it was not reflected in the GOA grade the incumbent went into the primary enjoying.

That's curious, because GOA is the only national gun group that has correctly identified the immigration issue, with the promise of “amnesty” for millions illegally in the country, as a danger to gun rights, as all credible polling shows such persons would overwhelmingly vote Democrat, a party which includes “gun control” in its official platform. "Big Chicken" Cochran carries significant baggage on that issue, which may explain some of Bloomberg's motivation.

There are other upcoming battles where this issue should also come into play: Jack Kingston vs. David Perdue in Georgia comes to mind (you can hear Rep. Kingston talk gun rights in the second hour of last night’s Armed American Radio program). And Alaska's Joe Miller, who is good on a lot of "conservative" issues could also stand to benefit, but for reasons only their campaigns can explain, he and his Republican rival remain enigmas on specifics.

NRA, for its part, defers involving itself in immigration/amnesty impacts, citing its “single issue” focus, which is arguable from a point of looking at the political reality, and also from looking at competing priorities of connected NRA board member Grover Norquist, who is a prominent “immigration reform” proponent. It's also disingenuous, as they've involved themselves before in so-called "campaign finance reform." But their taking a position on immigration, at least in the immediate future, is unlikely.

That said, of more immediate shared concern for NRA and GOA should be what they intend to do now that Bloomberg has thrown his support behind Cochran. Will GOA modify its grade, and come up with compelling reasons for doing so? Will NRA rescind its endorsement and back challenger McDaniel? Will they do it now, today, and make their voices heard loud and clear, for maximum impact, and to help counter an influx of Democrat crossover voters?

Or will they both go into tomorrow’s runoff giving Bloomberg’s man an “A,” and worse, the biggest of the two endorsing him?


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