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Bloomberg Moms target pro-gun candidate at Iowa State Fair

“We have just received word that the anti-gun Bloomberg organization Moms Demand Action is planning on crashing Joni Ernst's appearance at the Iowa State Fair tomorrow, August 8!” an email alert sent this evening by Barry B. Snell, Communications Director of Iowa Firearms Coalition advises. “Joni Ernst, a senator in the state legislature and lieutenant colonel in the Iowa National Guard, is the pro-gun candidate running against anti-gun Bruce Braley for Tom Harkin's Senate seat. Because of that, MDA is sending e-mails and making phone calls as I type, recruiting their anti-gun, billionaire backed, Astroturf activists to come to our fair and bushwhack Ernst when she's scheduled to speak at the Soap Box Friday morning at 10:30 a.m.”

Shortly after the email alert went out, IFC posted a video (see above) of a call that MDA is making to recruit “volunteers” for their sneak attack media stunt, and made a telling revelation.

“An Iowa Firearms Coalition member passed this voicemail along earlier today,” the description accompanying the video reports. “Michael Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action group wants to pay for your parking, admission, and food at the Iowa State Fair. Just call their number to RSVP (note that this ‘grassroots’ event is being organized out of a San Diego, CA area code).”

That’s hardly surprising for those who monitor the way the outsider group inserts itself into states and throws money around. For a recent example, this column reported three days ago how “Nevadans for Background Checks” is really a Bloomberg front group with New York City direction. Whether that means the caller is actually a current California resident or if she kept her number and moved is unknown, but one significant difference in the way the groups operate is undeniable: Unlike the bankrolled Bloombergians, Iowa Firearms Coalition, which is attempting to react quickly, isn’t offering to reimburse their supporters for parking, admission and food.

“We'd love to get as many gun rights advocates as possible out to counter their rally tomorrow!” they admit. “PLEASE, if you're attending the Iowa State Fair tomorrow, stop by the Soap Box before 10:30 AM Friday morning, August 8, and show Bloomberg and those MDA folks that their silly New York City, anti-gun nonsense has no place here in Iowa, where we value our civil rights and freedom! And if you weren't planning on attending, change your schedule and get to Des Moines Friday morning! The earlier you get there the better, because they and anti-gun Bruce Braley's supporters will be there an hour or two ahead of time.”

One aside not in the IFC alert, but of interest to Gun Rights Examiner regulars, has to do with a tangential issue directly related to gun rights: Illegal immigration. That's because all reliable indicators show the effects of amnesty on the electorate heavily favor Democrats, and an influx of millions of new voters will directly threaten the right to keep and bear arms in the legislatures and the courts. Democrat Braley has been given a "D" on immigration issues from Numbers USA. Ernst has no rating, indicating her questionnaire has not been received. In fairness, readers will recall that was the case with Senate candidate Joe Miller in Alaska, who went on to establish a perfect score. It's definitely an area to clarify, particularly with her Chamber of Commerce endorsement, but she's also on record opposing the "Gang of Eight."

For now, there is no time to sort that out. Click here to read the entire IFC alert. Gun owners who are not from Iowa are asked to share IFC’s message with any and all Iowa gun owners they know, and to do so right now, without delay, in order to respond to the quick reaction time needed.


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