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Bloomberg attacks North Carolina 'Stand Your Ground" law

Group asks NC lawmakers to repeal ‘shoot first’ law,”celebrated a recent headline in the Raleigh “News & Observer” which went on to laud “Second Chance: A National Campaign to Reform ‘Shoot First’ Laws.

The N&O liked that “shoot first” mischaracterization of the Castle Doctrine bill Grass Roots North Carolina passed last year, parroting it immediately in the article’s second paragraph.

And who is behind this new organization? Who is trying to roll back our Castle Doctrine law to the days when you had to let a violent predator try to kill you before protecting your family?

Michael Bloomberg and his fortune. That’s right: Not satisfied with attacking gun rights using his law-breaking “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” he has now created another anti-gun group to bring New York-style gun control to North Carolina.

Bloomberg’s attack dogs are going after
North Carolina legislators who voted for Castle Doctrine

“Dear Representative:

“We write to you as members of the ‘Second Chance on Shoot First’ campaign, a reform coalition led by national civil rights leaders and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to ask you to reconsider your 2011 vote in support of your state's ‘Stand Your Ground’ or ‘Shoot First’ law.”

Never mind that Castle Doctrine is already saving lives:

  • Just after “Stand Your Ground” became law on December 1st, a Charlotte firefighter was forced to shoot a thief who tried to run him down with an automobile.
  • Later in December, a 14-year-old boy home alone with his 17-year-old sister shot one of several home invaders who kicked down the door of the Vance County home and attacked them, leading the other attackers to flee.
  • In January, Robeson County man inside his girlfriend’s home shot an armed man who tried to force his way into the residence.
  • In April, a war veteran at his girlfriend’s home was forced to shoot a drug-addled felon who tried to kick down the door despite repeated warnings.
  • Just days ago, a Jacksonville U.S. Marine at home with his family was forced to shoot yet another drug-crazed attacker – naked and screaming – who first tried to break down the door of their home and then dove through a window.

These are just a few of recent cases where our Castle Doctrine law not only made it clear that victims were within the law while defending themselves, but also prevented them from being maliciously prosecuted or sued by the survivors of the attackers. Does this sound like a law that needs to be “reconsidered?”

‘Stand Your Ground for Castle Doctrine’

So I’m asking you to “Stand Your Ground for Castle Doctrine” and help keep Bloomberg’s New York gun control out of North Carolina.

In the North Carolina House, Speaker Thom Tillis was instrumental in passing the law. In the Senate, President Pro Tem Phil Berger was equally helpful.

But in this critical election year, these and other pro-gun legislators are under pressure to “revisit” Castle Doctrine – pressure from the media, pressure from a growing left-wing group of extremists, and now pressure from the massive, anti-gun “Bloomberg Machine.”

GRNC desperately needs you to do two things:

  • Help GRNC defend pro-gun legislators who voted for Castle Doctrinefrom the onslaught they will undoubtedly face in November. To do that, please consider joining Grass Roots North Carolina by going to:

If you are already a member, please consider making a $10, a $20 or even a $100!

What GRNC will do with your essential contribution

First, let me tell you what we won’t do: We won’t be paying anybody exorbitant salaries, because Grass Roots North Carolina is all-volunteer. Second, we won’t be spending it on 3-Martini lunches and fancy offices, because GRNC is a bare-bones, pedal-to-the-metal machine whose sole purpose is to defend your rights.

Instead, GRNC will apply your money to more effectively and efficiently defend your rights than any other gun group, including:

  • Passing legislation for concealed carry in restaurants: House Bill 111is alive and well, and we hope to get a hearing on it within a few weeks.
  • Repeal the ‘State of Emergency’ gun ban: Under North Carolina law, if you had to evacuate your family during an emergency, you wouldn’t be able to take a gun to defend them. GRNC was a plaintiff in Bateman v. Perdue, the case in which a federal judge ruled that law unconstitutional. We are now working on repealing the ban entirely;
  • Activate 150,000 gun-owning voters in November: As part of GRNC’s ambitious “Remember in November” project, in 2010 we distributed 110,000 voter guides to gun-owning voters, letting them know which politicians supported their rights. This year, we plan to get out 150,000.

I promise you one thing: Grass Roots North Carolina will beat the tar out of the carpetbaggers bent on gutting our Castle Doctrine law.

But because GRNC is just a lightning rod -- collecting your energy and routing it to those who make laws -- we need YOU!

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