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Bloodiest Day In Gaza: 13 Israeli Soldiers Killed, Death Toll Climbs to 425

GAZA STRIP – Both sides in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian war reported it has been the deadliest day so far after fighting began at dawn on Sunday with women and children being seen running through their neighborhoods looking for safety.

Protester in Berlin, Germany asking that Israel stop attacks in Gaza Strip.
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images
A home in Gaza after being demolished by an airstrike from Israel.Defense Forces.
Photo by Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images

A journalist for the New York Times said Palestinians were seen running past bodies of people who were killed while Israeli rockets, gunfire and air strikes from the sky inundated the eastern neighborhood of Gaza City.

When asked where they were running, a woman said, “God Knows.”

The Gaza Health Ministry is reporting more than 300 people were injured during the violence on Sunday. Since the war began on July 9, so far killed 425 people that includes 100 children and more than 3,000 injured since the war began on July 8.

Stories being filed by journalists inside Gaza City are documenting the violence affecting children. It was at Shifa Hospital when a girl who looked to be about 9-years-old was brought to the emergency room. She laid motionless on a gurney staring at the ceiling with her mouth open until medical staff finally covered her with a white sheet after she had died. When another little girl was in her final moments, at least half-a-dozen journalists crowded in with TV cameras to document her death as another little girl in a nearby bed cried out “Mama! Mama!”

Taghreed Harazin, 35, a lab technician in Gaza City was seen sitting with her six-month-old son, Diaa who was in a car seat. She said that she didn't know there was an evacuation order for her neighborhood. She is on foot trying to find a taxi and said that moving is scary because of airstrikes. Harazin said that while she was carrying her son to get away from her neighborhood she saw people who were dead including the decapitated body of a boy who she said looked to be about 4-years-old.

“We are not Hamas, and we are not with the others,” Harazin said. “We just want to live in our homes. The people are not Hamas. Israel has a problem with Hamas. What’s the fault of the other people? We have nothing to do with it.” When she was asked about Hamas and how they are handling the war she said, “Sometimes it’s difficult to express your opinion.”

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands were seen on the streets of southern France and London and other countries in Europe protesting the ongoing violence in Gaza by Israel Defense Forces during a Palestine Solidarity Campaign asking Israel to stop their strikes in Gaza saying, “enough is enough.”

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