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Bloodhound Gang: Band members face charges for 'inciting hatred'

Bloodhound Gang: Band members face charges for 'inciting hatred'
Bloodhound Gang: Band members face charges for 'inciting hatred'
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Bloodhound Gang band members are now facing charges for "inciting hatred" in Russia. Bassist Jared Hasselhoff, 42 and front man Jimmy Pop, 41, are suspects. According to The Christian Science Monitor on Sept. 11, 2013, Hasselhoff put a Russian flag inside his underwear while onstage at a concert in Ukraine.

On a video, posted on YouTube, Hasselhoff is seen pushing the Russian white-blue-red tricolour into the front of his pants and then pulling it out of the back.

The Bloodhound Gang bassist pleaded with the crowd to not let Vladimir Putin find out what just happened. A video of the incident was published to YouTube, so I guess the Russian leader may have caught wind of the disrespectful act.

The Bloodhound Gang is being scrutinized by Russia's Investigative Committee, which is their equivalent of the United State's FBI. If convicted the charges carry a five-year sentence for each of the two band members.

This writer covered the Bloodhound Gang previously in, "Bloodhound Gang band member puts Russian flag down pants (Video)." The band has had its share of problems while on tour in Russia. At one point eggs and tomatoes pelted their van. In another instance one of the band members was nearly suffocated by Russians wielding an American flag.

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