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'Blackfish' Goes For Jugular!

'Blackfish' Goes For Jugular!
'Blackfish' Goes For Jugular!
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Sea World Entertainment has been fighting off a documentary that came out last year called 'Blackfish'. The movie deals with how SeaWorld acquires its killer whales and how inhumane it is to do so. The film, at first, went unnoticed but has now started to gain momentum. SeaWorld Entertainment does not only own the SeaWorld parks but others such as Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The park in Tampa is going to have its Busch Gardens Tampa's Bands, Brew, & BBQ coming up in February and March and two headliners have just cancelled on them. The Beach Boys and Pat Benatar have contacted the Corporation and chosen to decline the events do to the 'Blackfish' documentary. This makes nine total who have cancelled on SeaWorld Entertainment. The others are Willie Nelson, Trace Adkins, REO Speedwagon, Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, Barenaked Ladies, Cheap Trick, .38 Special, and Heart. I'm sure more are coming as this controversy is gaining some steam as more people and acts are starting to either cancel or boycott their commitments.

SeaWorld has not started to take this seriously yet at least not in print. Money is still coming into the parks but I wouldn't doubt by spring or summertime when all these events are scheduled to take place, that the Corporation may start to feel it in the purse. Below is the review of the documentary 'Blackfish' and by all means go see the film to decide the truth for yourself .

'Blackfish' - This is a documentary concerning the captivity of Killer Whales. Orca's are very large whales that for the most are gentle giants. It is stated that there have never been a whale killing a human in the wild. There is however many cases of Orca's killing trainers in captivity.

The whales are kept sometimes in enclosures that only just a little bigger than what the whales are. When they are being trained loss of food and other ways are used to punish the whales for not doing what their trainers want.

OK let's look at this from the beginning, Orca's are very social animals. They live in pods and are usually together for their life span. When they are hunted in the wild the young are preferred as they easier to move from one place to another. Whales that are not wanted are killed and loaded with rocks to fall to the bottom.

Sea land that use to be in Canada had a whale by the name of Tilikum. He is a very large male and has had issues about his training. He would be picked on by the other whales usually the females. He would be punished by being put in what could be considered solitary. Not good for a killer whale. He killed trainers at this facility and nothing was really done to the facility or the whale.

The facility would later close and Sea World would buy the whale. He was not supposed to put back into a show. He was supposed to be just used for breeding.

February 24, 2010 Tilikum would kill his trainer dawn Brancheau. Who is responsible for this tragedy is what the question is being asked.

Ok first off should we have these types of theme parks at all? What are the benefits? Do we as humans actually learn from having these whales in captivity or is it just the money that the themes parks make. This documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite opens up the question of why do we need these parks. Do we need these animals in capitivity at all.

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