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Black Blood Brothers episode 11: The Ocean

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The special zone descends into chaos as the battle for the soul of the city begins in earnest. Following on the momentum gained from the last episode, this one is heavy on the action, but it works well.

The weakest part for me was seeing soldiers miss their targets by a wide margin. I'm guessing the idea was that the vampires are so fast that they're dodging the shots, but the way it's animated, it looks like they just have terrible aim.

I'm not sure about the reveal of Sei's power set. It's a spectacle, sure, and it was rather cool seeing him dispose of vampires en masse, but it's another example of the show pulling an idea out of thin air because even after 10 episodes, little seems to have been established.

Even Yafuri is taken aback at first, before he comes to the conclusion that Sei is still just a Black Blood and is as vulnerable as any of them. While it is true that theatricality and deception are powerful agents against the uninitiated, Sei's abilities still seem like they're a force to be reckoned with. I have a feeling that if Yafuri and Sei do face off, things may not go so well for him.

There is plenty of action in this episode, but it does stop to take a breather and deliver some solid character moments as well. The conversation between Kotaro and Mimiko was really well done. When I first started this show, I was convinced that Kotaro was going to be the bane of its existence, but his wide eyed optimism is so endearing that you can't hate him.

His reunion with Jiro was also well done. You really do feel the bond between these two. It also leads to a rousing speech from Mimiko, who tries to convince him to stay in the city and join the fight when he insists that they try to operate independently.

It's interrupted by a Kowloon, who manages to pump Jiro full of lead, knock him into the water, and proceed to stab him several times after diving in after him. On the one hand, the genre savvy will dismiss this as it's obvious he'll be OK, but Jiro was caught off guard and hurt enough that you buy the idea that he's in real peril. Mimiko swims in after him (and from the looks of it she has some plan in mind), but things do appear to look rather grim.

We're down to the final episode. It will be interesting to see how the tide against the Kowloons is turned. Following on Mimiko's big speech about coming together, it would be kind of cool to see all of them band together for a legitimate major team up, but we'll see how things play out when we get there.

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