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Black Blood Brothers episode 10: Order Coffin Company

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As we get closer to the end of the series, one would expect things to ramp up to prepare for the big climax. As it happens, this episode delivers that in spades. There are "oh crap" moments a plenty as schemes come to light and those responsible reveal themselves.

Things start off as the Kelly Wong that Mimiko was with reveals herself to be Cassa, who had used a glamour of sorts to put on the appearance of Wong. It's here where you would expect the big villain monologue and there are bits of that, but it takes some odd directions.

Cassa's offer of a permanent marker so that Mimiko could draw on her unconscious brother was admittedly rather funny, but somewhat undercuts her menace. Considering how well the two get on later, it does show that there's more to Cassa than just being a hammy villain.

There's always been an element of sensuality to vampires and that was true here, as seen when Jiro bit Mimiko, and it comes to the forefront here as the dynamic between the two ladies takes on a not so subtle homo-erotic overtone. It's played up for fan-service, no question, whether it's effective or not depends on your own sensibility, I suppose.

It's interrupted by Kotaro and Zelman, who storm in like big darn heroes. Again, Kotaro is robbed of a chance to show his stuff as Zelman fights his battle for him.

To its credit, the fight between Zelman and Cassa was a good one. Sure, Cassa was on the losing end, but her machinations and scheming more than make up for it.

I was a little thrown by the vampires referring to each other as being descended from gods. I don't know if that's figurative or literal. It would explain why some vampires have a much higher power set than the usual vamps you see, but it isn't explained all that well. It is especially bizarre as, if anything, vampires would be more demonic, though I guess they would still refer to the entities as gods, so now I don't even know what my point was.

In any event, Cassa reveals that they have been used the Special Zone's faculties to distribute Kowloon blood to the vampires in the city. It's made clear that this is a bad thing as things quickly spiral out of control.

I did enjoy the Chairman's speech about how they were going to maintain control of the city. It was very reminiscent of Integra Hellsing's speech when her manor was being raided. Seeing slang in subtitles was a little bizarre, I'll admit, but it was still effective on his part.

Honestly, this was probably my favorite episode so far, and it's not just because of the girl on girl innuendo. While a lot of the rhetoric the characters use still rings hollow to me, it is still made very clear that the poop is hitting the fan and the episode is much more gripping as a result. It does a much better job of getting the viewer invested in what's happening and it makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience.

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