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Bittersweet ending for cancer-stricken dog rescued from animal control

An elderly pit bull named "Girl"
An elderly pit bull named "Girl"
Via Facebook

It is a bittersweet rescue story for one elderly pit bull who was left at a Los Angeles County animal control facility by her former owners...the dog, named "Girl," is twelve years of age and she was surrendered to the facility with a huge mass on her shoulder.

Pat Gregoire

For several days, dog lovers rallied to help find someone to rescue the cancer-stricken senior from the lonely kennel where she suffered without the comfort of home or loved ones. On Saturday, the miracle that so many individuals had hoped for took place...a non-profit rescue organization stepped up to offer Girl a place today.

Girl is now safely under the wing of Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue - but unfortunately there will be no true happily-ever-after.

After Girl left the animal control facility, the rescue agency told the National Dog News Examiner:

Yes, she is at our vet…sadly all we can do is keep her comfortable and love her for the next few days…the cancer in her shoulder is the worst our vet has ever seen and there is nothing we can do.

Girl has been enduring unimaginable pain for an undetermined period of time...the huge mass is solid, and painful and the sheer size has made her uncomfortable - at best.

But tonight, Girl is not alone behind bars...tonight she knows that someone cares and that she is loved and she is receiving care to help make her final moments alive more comfortable.

Watch a video which was taken of Girl at the animal control facility at this link.

Find Girl's rescuers at this link to Facebook, or at this link to the web.

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