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Biographer: Obama disappointed in the world

Biographer says Obama disappointed in the entire world.
Biographer says Obama disappointed in the entire world.
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We all have things that disappoint us, but according to Obama biographer David Remnick, the president is disappointed in the whole world, the Weekly Standard reported Tuesday.

"The profile [of President Obama] that I published in the New Yorker was somebody that eerily, eerily seemed to be claiming himself--it was a sense of not giving up, but of deep frustration--that was the profile that I published in the New Yorker. Somebody frustrated and disappointed," Remnick said during an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"And that's what's frustrating to me sometimes about Obama is that the world seems to disappoint him," he added to laughter. "Republicans disappoint him, Bashar al-Assad disappoints him, Putin as well. And the fighting spirit sometimes is lacking in the performative aspects of the presidency."

The statement drew derision from a number of people, including the Daily Caller's Jim Treacher, who responded with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

"It’s our fault that Barry is so very uncomfortable with reality," he wrote. "We’re to blame for his inability to see the world as it is, not as he’d like it to be. That one is on us."

"Nothing is ever his fault. How could it be, you racist hillbilly teabaggers?" he added.

Remnick, however, believes that Obama is still doing a good job and told the "Morning Joe" crew the president has accomplished a lot.

"Do I think that at the end of eight years this will go down as a terrible presidency? I don't. You do. I don't. I think an enormous amount has been achieved," he said.

Throughout his presidency, Obama and his supporters have blamed practically everyone and everything for the failures of the president's policies. Last September, for example, Obama pointed a finger at Congress and blamed the entire world for his "red line" statement on Syria.

Obama himself has blamed former President George W. Bush, the Constitution, the founders, ATM machines and American democracy for his own failures. Supporters claim racism is behind every criticism of Obama's policies.

Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and in that respect, he's succeeded -- but not for the better. At one point in Obama's presidency, Mexico had a lower unemployment rate than the United States, and the labor participation rate is the lowest it has been since the 1970s.

Millions of Americans have lost their health coverage thanks to Obama's signature law. Many have also lost their doctors and access to their preferred hospitals.

Conservative organizations have found themselves the target of federal agencies simply because of their political views. Scandal after scandal rocks the administration and Americans are seeing their Constitutional freedoms under assault on a routine basis.

But it's not Obama's fault. It's the fault of the entire world.

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