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Bingo in the Heights

Bingo game sheets and purple dopper at Bingo in the Heights.
Bingo game sheets and purple dopper at Bingo in the Heights.
Megan Daic

Although bingo has previously been regarded as a game played only by retired folks and senior citizens in nursing homes, Bingo at Lodge 88 in the Heights is making bingo one hot topic of conversation!

At bingo in the Heights, which occurs every Thursday evening at Lodge 88 on 1435 Beall Street, children, young professionals, students and senior citizens unite to engage in a surprisingly fun and social activity: b-i-n-g-o.

“Thursday night Bingo is a haven for attractive women in Houston,” explains one Bingo-frequenter, 26-year old Nicholas Yonko. Nick reports that while the potential to meet women was the reason he began going to bingo at Lodge 88, it was the entertainment and fun-spirited atmosphere that has kept him going.

Bingo at Lodge 88 occurs every Thursday evening. Although the Early bird game doesn’t begin until 7:15 PM, and the regular game begins at 7:45 PM, you should make sure to arrive early in order to find seats, and ensure that you make it through the doors. The Lodge has a 750 person maximum capacity, and they fill up real quick. For instance, last Thursday the doors were shut by around 6:45 PM. Although there was a long line of interested bingo-ers waiting outside the building, they were not admitted.

Can I save seats for my friends if they are arriving late? Please keep in mind that the Lodge does not permit saving of seats. Although you might be able to hold a couple of seats until around 6 or 6:15, your party must have arrived on time, otherwise their seats will be given up due to the extreme interest and long line waiting around the corner.

How much does it cost? It costs $1 per Early Bird game (two games total) and $5 for the regular game (this includes twelve rounds of bingo). It also costs $1 for the dopper, used to mark number on the bingo game sheet.

Can I bring outside food and drinks? You are allowed to bring outside food, liquor and wine. The Lodge offers $6 pitchers of Shiner, Miller Light and Bud Light, so outside beer and mixers are not permitted. The Lodge also boasts a terrific kitchen which offers homemade burgers, hot dogs, nachos and chips. Please note that the food line can become rather long and tedious, so you should arrive early to ensure that you receive your food before the first game, or you might want to consider bringing outside snacks.

Can I win anything? Oh yes! There are various opportunities to win approximately $100, and a one-time opportunity to win $500! Should there be multiple winners, then you would split your winnings evenly amongst each true winner.

Would this be a good place to host a party? Definitely yes! There is plenty of room to seat your friends, but make sure to arrive early.

What time can I expect to be out of there? If you stay until the end of the games, then you could expect to leave around 8:30 or 9 PM.


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