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Billboard Music Awards 2014: Iconic Jennifer Lopez, a night to remember

Billboard Music Awards 2014: Iconic Jennifer Lopez, a night to remember
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Have you ever seen an awards ceremony that focuses on music as something boring? The answer is to never take your eyes away from anything that may end up surprising you. This year’s Billboard music awards did not disappoint. From the holographic Michael Jackson performance to Jennifer Lopez receiving an iconic award, this was a night to remember.

E! online reports today that the ceremony was kicked off with an electrifying performance by J.Lo with Mr. worldwide himself, Pitbull alongside singer Claudia Leitte. The three artists teamed up on stage to perform “We Are One” in Las Vegas, she closed the ceremony with another track “First Love” from her upcoming new album A.K.A. but before the night was over, Lopez was honored with the Icon award. By listing off her accomplishments, Ricky Martin and Iggy Azalea introduced the star. J.Lo sold more than 75 million records worldwide and earned over $1.4 billion at the box office. Jennifer Lopez became the first female artist to receive the honor.

The 44-year-old star took the stage to accept her award giving thanks to her family, friends and fans. Lopez also gave a shout out to her young fans that more than likely want to be very successful.

"All you little ones sitting on the living room floor, have faith, dream big, think big," Lopez said. "And know that anything is possible, you never know where you might end up."

There were plenty more highlights of the night with explosive performances, with rapper and actor Ludacris serving as host of the Billboard Music Awards. Shakira graced the stage with her presence by performing “Empire” from her self-titled album released this year.

Big names and musical acts really can’t compete with the surprise pixelated performance of the King of Pop himself, which actually brought tears to some fans eyes. CNN reports the hologram of Mr. Jackson had mixed reactions from fans.

Recording artist Trevor Morgan took to Twitter to share what he thought about the hologram. "Michael Jackson hologram is rad.”

While assistant editor for the New York magazine's Vulture, Lindsey Weber, also tweeted her thoughts. "Turns out this Michael Jackson hologram is just as confusing and uncomfortable as we imagined."

The hologram took half a year to plan, which includes production and choreography. Even with the Hologram performance of Tupac at the 2012 Coachella concert, which was considered eerie and yet cool, the fact the matter is that technology will forever evolve. Soon, music artists won’t have to go on tour, all they have to do is create a hologram of them to put on a good show.

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