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‘Biggest Loser’ season 15, week 14 recap: One last ‘tri’ before finale

The final five contestants get ready to start the 'Biggest Loser' triathlon.
The final five contestants get ready to start the 'Biggest Loser' triathlon.

Next week is “The Biggest Loser” season 15 finale but before we get to that, five contestants were whittled down to three finalists tonight. Who won the sprint triathlon? And who was sent home? Read on …

The contestants were introspective in the gym, wondering what their Week 1 selves would think of their current selves.

Quote of the week, from David: “Defeat was something that was part of my vocabulary. Where going home was an option. But look at me now -- look at how strong I am. There’s something deep down in me and it was that heart of a warrior that I knew was in me. And I’ve been able to reveal that guy a little bit more each and every week. How do you like me now?”

Tanya update: She’s down 100 pounds (as of her update on the “Today” show), looking fabulous, and her newest goal is to open a healthy restaurant, which is a big change from her chicken and waffles past.

The triathlon: The winner of the swim/bike/run funfest not only gets a spot in the finals, they also win a new car. Mother-son team Jackie and Dan Evans, who travel across the country for the Biggest Loser Run/Walk series, were there to cheer them on.

While Rachel, a former swimmer, feels confident, Bobby, a swimming newbie, is trying not to panic in the water. Rachel and David sped through the water and were neck and neck in the bike portion until Rachel pulled ahead and not only finished first in the swim but in the bike portion. Oh, and the running portion – Rachel won it all in 1 hour and 32 minutes.

Bobby finished last but he knew going in that he wasn’t going to win it outright. “This finish line is really the starting gate for me,” he said.

At the end of every season, the remaining contestants get to sit down with the trainers and watch their introductory video interviews and early weeks on the ranch to see just how far they’ve come in body and in spirit.

Marie update: She’s also down 100 pounds, staying active, looking great and making huge strides toward finally getting pregnant and starting a family with her husband.

Weigh-in and elimination: There’s a red line tonight, where two people will be going home, but they do have a great shot at the at-home prize. Rachel’s already in so two others will join her. How’d they do?

  • Rachel: 1 (But, hey, she’s an athletic 150 pounds, so who’s complaining?)
  • Chelsea: 7
  • Jennifer: 3
  • Bobby: 17 (Wow! Yeah, he’s a finalist.)
  • David: 16

So it’s Rachel, Bobby and David in the finale next week. Chelsea and Jennifer will be going home.

Next week: It’s the finale, where we’ll be able to see how Chelsea and Jennifer look now – as well as everyone else. And it’s on at a different time – 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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