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Bigfoot spotted on Google Earth?

A video posted to YouTube on Oct. 28 doesn't claim to have found Bigfoot on Google Earth, but the conclusion is inescapable once the images are viewed. Can it be real?

Bigfoot spotted on Google Earth
Wowforreeel @YouTube

The Bigfoot video, posted by intrepid paranormal researcher and Internet wag Wowforreeel, is the product of hours of poring over captures made by the Google Street View team documenting a lonely stretch of the Yellowhead Highway in British Columbia.

At the coordinates listed below, WFR stops on one spot after noticing a strangely shaped apparition peeking out from the dense foliage, which bears a remarkable resemblance to Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as the cryptid is known locally.

Pointing out that the shape can only be seen from a certain angle and at a particular spot, WFR's obsessive Bigfoot hunting skills pay off. Big time.

After spotlighting the image in its natural shades, the video enhances the finding by rendering the anomaly in black and white. That causes the photo to jump out even more and bears the most resemblance to the classic image of a Bigfoot running from the camera, burnished in the public's collective imagination and perception.

Whether or not this is an authentic Bigfoot sighting is really besides the point. It's jolly good fun.

Click the video for a look, or go to these coordinates to verify the existence of this peculiar find:

54°31'18.09"N, 126°22'12.21"W

What do you think? Is this a genuine Bigfoot or Sasquatch sighting?

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