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Bigfoot and UFOs, Part 1

Are they associated?
Are they associated?
Mitch Waite

In many talk shows and presentations, a few questions keep popping up concerning Bigfoot’s association with UFOs, and the capability of cloaking, or being a creature capable of trans-dimensional travel. These questions also including mind blasting. This is where Sasquatch can make a human subject disoriented, woozy, or even cause headaches by some means of mental telepathy. These are sensitive topics because there are UFO enthusiasts that are not happy when someone tries to tie the two fields of study together, and there are Bigfoot enthusiasts are that feel the same way. There is even a split camp among the Bigfoot world which can end up in some very heated arguments as to whether or not Bigfoot is a physical being or of a spiritual nature and can fade in or out of this world at will.

Those who know me as Major Waite of the US Air Force (Retired) know I was the Space Officer for NORAD and US Space Command. It was my job to track anything and everything that came into and out of the earth’s atmosphere. I had sixty seconds to assess the threat and advise the General staff as to the nature of any threat to the North American contentment and the world. I had to know capabilities foreign, domestic, and extraterrestrial threats.

Then there are those that know me as Mitch Waite, the Cryptozoologist, who specializes in the Mogollon Monster, Arizona’s Bigfoot. I now make it a full time job to track and study the Bigfoot especially in my native state of Arizona. So you can see how I catch these questions from both sides of the house.

I can only speak from what I know or have observed, and so far I do not see any relationships between the Bigfoot and UFOs or aliens. But, that does not mean there is not an association. In both the Paranormal and Crypto world an investigator had to keep an open mind until theories have been either proven or disproven.

As far as I am privy, I know of no large hairy life forms that have traveled to the earth in UFOs. Could they be pets of the aliens? Not likely. The Bigfoot has been here on this earth as long as man can remember. But then again, UFOs have been coming to the earth during ancient times too. There is no scientifically accepted proof either actually exits available to the public.

To Be Continued….

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