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Big Turnout at February 2014 Farragut Gun Club

The Farragut Gun Club met February 10 at Gander Mountain in Turkey Creek. Is attendance already outgrowing the space? I counted 75 in attendance, but I believe there were actually more than that.

Cowboy Shooter Man with no Name
photo by Liston Matthews

Bill Johns moderated the meeting, and gave a history of how the group came about, followed by a short legislative report from myself. A few pending bills were discussed, as well as getting on the ALERT email list from Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA). Folks were encouraged to join TFA, and be active in supporting the rights restoration movement in Tennessee, spearheaded by TFA's Executive Director John Harris.

Speakers included Eva Irwin of the Aphrodite Shooters, who spoke about their meetings at TAC on Dutchtown Road in West Knox County. These ladies have weekly meetings on Wednesdays. Every other week, they work with new shooters, teaching them how to shoot on a simulator, and how to shoot and clean their gun. Some of them are involved in 3-gun shooting at Oak Ridge Sportsmans Association ORSA in Oak Ridge, TN. They are on Facebook as well as on the web.

Knox County Commissionar, Dr. Richard Briggs, spoke briefly and recounted some of the history of the parks carry change in Knox County. Briggs stated he is passionate about Second Amendment rights. He asserted that the carrying of a gun is a right, not a privilege. He said we need to honor those who have bled and died for our nation by protecting Second Amendment rights.

I had a chance to speak with Briggs aftward, and we discussed the exorbitant expense associated with getting a handgun carry permit. Dr Briggs understands how expensive it is, and would like to see the cost reduced. (My regular readers know that I view the permitting system as: 1. reducing the Constitutionally protected right to an expensive privilege, and 2. a prohibitive poll tax on many citizens of lesser financial means.)

The Man with no Name (Hombre su Nombre) spoke on behalf of a local Single Action Shooting Society group, which shoots at ORSA. They dress up in cowboy garb and use old west guns or replicas in their competition. This unnamed gentleman hails from South Africa, where, he says, their constitution has no protection for the people from government.

The final speakers were representatives of Smokey Mountain Knife Works, who spoke about the great variety of gear their store offers. Their big news is the fact that they will be soon offering guns and ammo.


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