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‘Big Brother Canada’ spoilers reveal Gremlins decide who to evict

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The clique calling themselves The Gremlins in the “Big Brother Canada” house seemed to have made a decision on who will be the next cast member sent packing, according to information revealed from live feeds broadcast from inside their luxurious abode. After some twists and turns in the game, Arlie and Adel are at risk of being evicted as they sit on the block. Sabrina and Rachelle were initially nominated, but were saved by Allison and Jon, respectively, according to an April 16, 2014 TV Grapevine report.

The spoiler reported by Big Brother Daily indicates that Arlie is the target and for now, the plan is to evict him and keep Adel in the “Big Brother Canada” house.

Sabrina seems to be heading the movement to get Arlie out, arguing he should go because he is a major player and the group may never have a chance to evict him again. Jon and Neda appeared to have agree to join The Gremlins, now consisting of Sabrina, Rachelle, and Allison, after Jon was told that Adel has been gunning for him.

Jon also stated that being part of The Gremlins is better than being in a final four with Adel and Heather. Nevertheless, according to Big Brother Daily, Neda spoke with Heather, and both women decided they desperately want Sabrina out.

Adel and Arlie had a moment to speak alone, and Adel could be heard saying that Jon taking Rachelle off the block ruined their game. Arlie noted that if he leaves tomorrow night, neither Adel nor Jon have a chance at winning the second season of “Big Brother Canada.” He advised Adel to feign an injury during the upcoming Head of Household competition so the others do not perceive him as a physical threat.

Whether Arlie or Adel leaves “Big Brother Canada” will be revealed Thursday night at 9 on Slice.



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