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‘Big Brother Canada’s’ Kenny reveals a secret to the entire house

'Big Brother 2's' Kenny tells his fellow housemates he is gay.
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Last week, “Big Brother Canada” 2 houseguest Kenny revealed to fellow housemate, Sarah, that he is gay. On April 9, 2014, he decided to reveal his secret to the whole house, according to Joker’s Updates. On the live feeds broadcast from inside the “Big Brother Canada” house, sometime around noon, Kenny said “F*** it. I’m gay!” as the other cast members relaxed near the hot tub, Big Brother Daily reports.

All the houseguests, with the exception of Sarah, were thoroughly surprised by his revelation with many of them looking perplexed,saying, “what?!” Big Brother Daily reports that Jon asked Kenny to swear to God regarding his sexuality, which Kenny did. Jon then shook Kenny’s hand and said, “Wow. I had no idea! Wow…”

Arlie responded with resounding support, while Adel was still wary of the admission and did not believe a word of it. Finally, all of the houseguests rallied around Kenny and hugged him, as Sabrina laughed that she had kissed him in weeks prior. She then noted that the hot guys are always gay, according to Big Brother Daily.

Kenny had been flirting with Rachelle as part of his game, so after he announced his sexuality, she stated, “Big Brother, I am so stupid” and told Arlie she is shocked that Kenny is actually gay, Big Brother Daily reports. Kenny did say he was going to tell everyone on his way out of the house if he was evicted, but his strategy entering the game was to be a ladies’ man.

Overall, each of the “Big Brother Canada” 2 houseguests was accepting of Kenny’s coming out to them, but Jon and Arlie remained steadfast in their pledge to get him out of the house as soon as possible because he is considered a strong power player. Kenny had been nominated this week for eviction by Heather, but won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. Allison remains on the block and Heather nominated Sarah as a replacement nominee, so one of them remains in danger of leaving the “Big Brother Canada” house on Thursday.

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