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'Big Brother 16' Week Two Update

'Big Brother 16' Week Two Update
'Big Brother 16' Week Two Update

It is week 2 in the BB16 house and alliances are already made (who knows how long they will last) and scrambling has been going on since day one (literally).

We said good bye to the outgoing and interesting blue haired Joey (or Alex) and we’ll miss her odd antics already. She was the first Big Brother 16 house guest to be evicted this summer. She certainly went out with a bang shocking the house guests with her alter ego, Alex. We were wondering what color her hair would be next, but I guess now we’ll never know.

Devin and Amber won the second HOH competition almost right after the live eviction show on Thursday night. Devon nominated Paola and Brittany for eviction and Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole. Paola and Brittany were extremely angry and Hayden and Nicole (a new alliance with Christine) were just left pretty much dazed and confused by the whole thing wondering why they were targeted. Paola said that she would throw the Battle of the Block competition for Devon to keep him as HOH and we are not sure why she would do that. Did she really trust his word?

Amber was very quickly de-throwned when Devin’s nominees won the Battle of the Block. Did Paola really throw it? Devon has been running the house and many are confused by his strategic (or not) moves and decisions.

Here is the update for the week so far:

Devin veto’d Brittany and at this time Paola and Zach are nominated for eviction this week.

The Have-Nots for the week are: Victoria, Brittany, Zach and Derrick

Donny, Derrick, Frankie make up the 3 secret alliance members for Team America.

Most house guests are getting along famously with probably Frankie the most loved by all.

Get ready for the next show on Wednesday night at 8pm. This is when Team America will be revealed, we will see the veto competition, the veto meeting and other interesting drama.

Check in for more updates and follow on @bigbroexaminer.

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