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‘Big Brother’ 16 spoilers reveal week 6 Head of Household winners

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The Head of Household competition ran long on the live July 31, 2014 episode of “Big Brother” season 16, so the viewers were left wondering which two house guests won the titles. According to Joker’s Updates, spoilers from live feeds broadcast from inside the “Big Brother” house have revealed the winners.

In an HOH competition that quizzed the cast mates on looped video images they were shown to them prior to the challenge, spoilers reveal Donny and Nicole were victorious. Big Brother Gossip tweeted that Donny is currently getting barraged with suggestions and opinions from other house members about who he should choose as his nominees for eviction.

Donny and Nicole must each nominate two cast mates to put on the eviction block. After a decision on nominations is made, the two pairs will then be required to duke it out in the Battle of the Block, which will determine who will remain the reigning HOH for week 6.

At around 8:45 p.m. ET, Joker’s reports that Derrick was telling Donny and Frankie that an obvious target for eviction this week is Victoria. Donny responded by saying he does not want to put up two strong players and risk losing HOH for the week. In addition, he noted he is not in an alliance with Jocasta, who he is close to in the “Big Brother” house, but does not want to nominate her for eviction.

Derrick then suggested that he may be able to come to some sort of agreement with Nicole to nominate Jocasta for eviction, so Donny can put Victoria on the block. Joker’s live feeders also noted that Frankie whispered that both Zach and Caleb are potential targets this week.

Big Brother” season 16 airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, with live eviction shows airing on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. In addition, “Big Brother: After Dark” is airing Monday and Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 12 a.m. ET, and Thursdays at 1 a.m. ET on TVGN.