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‘Big Brother 16’ most twisted season ever: Another twist for Frankie Grande?

‘Big Brother 16’ most twisted season ever: Another twist for Frankie Grande?
‘Big Brother 16’ most twisted season ever: Another twist for Frankie Grande?
Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

Not everyone has heard of “Big Brother 16” houseguest Frankie Grande’s sister Ariana. She is an actress and singer with legions of teen followers. It seems that Ariana Grande may play a part in one of the twists coming up on “Big Brother 16.”

According to a report on Friday, June 28, Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend BradTheLadLong is going to be a entering the “Big Brother 16” house. The controversial YouTube personality goes by the name BradTheLadLong. There is not any confirmation that BradTheLadLong and Ariana Grande dated, except for a report on Twitter. Also no known is if Frankie and Brad ever met each other and if they are on speaking terms.

The rumors started when BradTheLadLong’s name was linked to the “Big Brother UK” but he was not a houseguest. It is said that his agent put his name out there for “Big Brother UK” to throw the media off track and give producers and opportunity to bring BradTheLadLong to the United States for “Big Brother 16.” Despite reports that BradTheLadLong is in the United Kingdom, he has been spotted in the United States recently.

Just who is BradTheLadLong? He is described as one of the most controversial YouTube personalities ever. He created his YouTube channel in 2007 and acquired a following of 400,000 subscribers. He was banned permanently from YouTube for inappropriate content. Eventually he was allowed to return to YouTube but never reached the viewership he has previously enjoyed.

Interestingly enough, Frankie Grande is also a YouTube personality with nearly 200,000 subscribers. He has not revealed to his “Big Brother” housemates who he is, only saying he performs on Broadway. He did, however, wish his sister “Ari” a happy birthday on the first night of the live feeds.

There has not been any confirmation regarding any additional houseguests entering the “Big Brother” house but if BradTheLadLong is added it will be interesting to see if Frankie or Brad reveals that they know each other and whether or not they get along.