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‘Big Brother 16’: Meet the next 8 houseguests, will compete for next HoH

‘Big Brother 16’: Meet the next 8 houseguests, will compete for next HoH
‘Big Brother 16’: Meet the next 8 houseguests, will compete for next HoH
Photo courtesy of CBS and used with permission

The first eight “Big Brother 16” houseguests have entered the house and already competed in the first Head of Household challenge. The second group of houseguests will be introduced on the second night of the “Big Brother 16” premier.

Who are the next eight “Big Brother 16” houseguests? A list was published on June 25, and as expected, the cast members announced recently are the people entering the house. But, this does not mean that at some point “Big Brother 16” could add in a few veterans to the game. "BB16" houseguest Caleb Reynolds is already causing controversy and fans will find out more about him on Thursday night.

The second group of "Big Brother 16" houseguests will participate in a Head of Household completion of their own and a second Head of Household will be named. Each Head of Household will have a bedroom suite of their own. The two Heads of Household will participate in the Battle of the Block. The winner of this competition will be the sole Head of Household.

Each Head of Household will have the power to nominate two houseguests for eviction. The Team America twist may change the game and fans are unsure how the Power of Veto will come into play each week. It is rumored that there may be either a Golden Power of Veto or perhaps even a Diamond Power of Veto.

The paid subscriber live feeds will begin at 1 am ET on Friday, June 27, which is 10 pm PT Thursday, June 26. This will be an all-night event hosted by former “Big Brother” player Jeff Schroder. This will be a 16 hour event and there will be special “Big Brother” guests as well as giveaways codes to receive free live feed subscriptions. Fans can follow along on Twitter @CBSBigBrother and use the hashtag BBAllNighter. Fans can also follow along on Facebook. Simply RSVP using the link in the "Big Brother 16" subscriber live feed page.