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‘Big Brother 16’ live feed spoilers: Christine thinks Donny is dangerous?

‘Big Brother 16’ live feed spoilers: Christine thinks Donny is dangerous?
‘Big Brother 16’ live feed spoilers: Christine thinks Donny is dangerous?
Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

Christine Brecht is a “Big Brother” super fan and knows everything there is to know about just about every season of the popular CBS reality show. It is evident that she is allowing the paranoia that comes with being in a house with nothing to do all day set in.

Christine, in the hammock with Zach, Hayden, Nicole and Victoria, told them on Sunday, July 13 that Donny Thompson is “dangerous” and live feed subscribers heard her tell the other houseguests, repeatedly, that he is creepy and they should watch out

The married barista from Tucson, Ariz, Brecht, 23, also told the houseguests that Donny is smart but he is being a butthole. Zach Rance, sitting on the ground next to the hammock agrees that Donny Thompson, a groundskeeper from Albemarle, N.C., is indeed smart. Rance, a recent college graduate, told Brecht that she should be scared of Thompson.

Christine became agitated after Zach told her this and informed the group that Donny is the only houseguest that she is scared of and that she does not know why he does not like her. She tells the others that she does not know why Donny does not like her because she is very nice to him.

Claiming that she forced Thompson to make eye contact with her, Christine explains that she stared Donny in the face in order to get him to look at her. Christine, Zach and Victoria go on to discuss something Donny said earlier in the day. Zach asked what he said and Christine told Zach that Donny is being creepy toward Victoria lately.

Before the week three nominations for eviction Donny and Nicole talked strategy, with Nicole asking Donny for his advice on who should be her second nominee. Donny told Nicole about her friend Christine’s involvement in the Bomb Squad alliance and suggested that Nicole put Christine up for eviction.

Nicole, who was dethroned as Head of Household when Donny and Amber won the Battle of the Block, told Christine about Donny’s suggestion. Ever since then Christine has been more and more vocal about her dislike and distrust for Thompson.