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'Big Brother 16' houseguests revealed and already causing controversy

'Big Brother 16' houseguests revealed and already causing controversy
'Big Brother 16' houseguests revealed and already causing controversy
Photo courtesy of CBS and used with permission

The "Big Brother 16" houseguest list has been released and is already causing controversy. Diehard fans are not pleased with what they term the “racial inequality” of the current group of houseguests. In addition, the majority of the houseguests are under 30 and single. Singer/actress Ariana Grande's older brother is one of the newest "Big Brother" houseguests.

The list of “Big Brother 16” houseguests was released on Thursday, June 19 and includes two married females and one married man. Twitter and Facebook went into overdrive as fans reacted to the names on the list. You can find the entire list of "Big Brother 16" houseguests on Gossip Chick's website.

The houseguests include Amber Borzotra, 26, originally from Knoxville, Tenn. Amber is a single esthetician currently living in Hollywood, Calif. Another female Californian is Brittany Martinez, 29, a single event coordinator originally from Long Beach, Calif.
Christine Brecht, 23, a barista from Tuscon, Ariz., Jocosta Odom, 33, a minister from Lovejoy, Ga., and Derrick Levasseur, 30, a police sergeant from Providence, R.I. are the only three married “Big Brother 16” houseguests. Of the 16 new houseguests, 12 are under the age of 30.

Donny Thompson, 42, a school groundskeeper from Albemarle, N.C., and Frankie Grande, 31, originally from Boca Raton, Fla., round out the list of “Big Brother 16” houseguests age 30 or older. All Voices gives the details on how Frankie Grande told his sister Ariana Grande he was going to be on "Big Brother."

Many diehard “Big Brother” fans expressed concern that fans of both Frankie Grande and Ariana Grande would “take over the show” without ever having even watched an episode. Some are concerned that this will spoil their enjoyment of not only the show, but of the live feeds. Fans pay approximately $25 for the entire season of 24/7 live feed coverage.

Some of the houseguests may celebrate a birthday while in the “Big Brother” house. Zach Rance, a recent college graduate, will turn 24 on Sept. 9. If still in the “Big Brother 16” house Rance will share his birthday with former professional baseball player Devin Shepherd, who will be 27 that same day. Also possibly celebrating birthday in the “Big Brother” house is Jocasta Odom will turn 34 on Aug. 10.

“Big Brother 16” will premiere on Wednesday, June 25 at 8:00 pm ET. The premiere will continue on Thursday, June 26 as part of a two-night event.