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‘Big Brother 16’ cast controversy over alleged racist, homophobic slurs

The “Big Brother 16” cast has officially been released by CBS, and it looks like it’s possible that the show will pick up right where it left off last year: mired in racist and homophobic controversy.

Last season, a handful of the cast received a large amount of public backlash as cameras caught them on camera using slurs against people of color and homosexuals. The language got so bad, in fact, that cast members lost their jobs and CBS had to launch a disclaimer that the views of their contestants didn’t reflect the views of the network.

This Wednesday, 16 new houseguests will enter the house, but before they can begin backstabbing each other, one contestant in particular might have to face the music.

A cast member by the name of Caleb Reynolds is already making headlines, and not for the right reasons. Hailing from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, “Big Brother” fans are in an uproar after what many to believe is Reynolds’ Instagram account that features p racist and homophobic language.

The catch, however, is that these slurs were allegedly written two years ago on the social media website, but have recently been found shortly after the casts’ names went public.

Following President Obama’s reelection, Reyonds’ Instagram account is said to have posted this: YEAH FOR OBAMA HE GETS TO SHRED THIS COUNTRY APART FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS ONLY GOD CAN HELP US NOW!!”

Then, after getting into a heated exchange with another Instagram user, Reynolds allegedly uses a homophobic slur and calls the President of the United States a “Muslim monkey.”

The website where this is posted, the Jokers Updates Big Brother forum, features people not only upset and worn out over more potential racism and homophobia hitting “Big Brother” for the second year in a row, but venting their frustration at “Big Brother” producer Allison Grodner, as some believe this is all simply a coordinated attempt to cast people with hateful views, or potentially remove them from the game early on to make the show look like they’ve done their homework and have taken the moral high ground.

If this is all true, what do you think about the “Big Brother” cast, or the showrunners? Voice your comments below.

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