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Bible stops bullets: Divine intervention saves bus driver

If a bible stops bullets as well as it did for a Dayton bus driver, then the word serves as better protection for believers that anyone realized.

When a violent shooting spree erupted Monday morning, a bus driver for Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority -- Rickey Wagoner, 49 -- was caught in the middle. Three bullets were fired his way and two hit him in the chest, but in his shirt pocket was a biblical booklet, ABC News reports Feb. 25. Wagoner was shot in the leg and stabbed in the arm, but the two potentially fatal bullets never got through the booklet.

Wagoner told police he fought back with the three armed men. He grabbed the gun when they ran off and fired it in their direction until he was able to safely dial 911.

The bus driver said it felt like he was "hit with a sledgehammer."

The bible booklet that stopped the bullets was "The Message." Wagoner told authorities he only started carrying the booklet with him a week ago.

As the three men approached Wagoner while he stood by his bus, he recalled one of them saying, "If you want to be all the way in the club, you have to kill the polar bear."

Wagoner apparently defended himself well when he struggled with the attackers. He was stabbed in the leg and shot, but the criminals did not escape without getting some damage themselves. Wagoner also stabbed one of the men with a pen after choking another. Luckily, he wound up with more leverage in the end and is said to be recovering well.

It sounds like in the case of this man, a bible stops bullets, alright. Of course it is not something anyone wants to test out, but given the fact Rickey Wagoner just began carrying the booklet around a week ago, this was a good omen for him in a "roundabout" way.

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