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‘Beyond: Two Souls’ game length detailed, new trailer released

New details concerning Sony and Quantic Dream’s upcoming PS3 exclusive, “Beyond: Two Souls,” were revealed on April 27 during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream’s David Cage revealed details regarding the game’s length and how long the game experience will last for players.

In addition to these new details, a new trailer for “Beyond: Two Souls” was released by Sony Computer Entertainment – you can watch the all-new trailer in our video gallery here.

While speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival, David Cage shared that “Beyond: Two Souls” will take players 10-hours to complete -- this is roughly the same as his previous PS3 exclusive, “Heavy Rain.”

Of course, the game does have multiple endings and will encourage multiple playthroughs to see the complete story and all possible outcomes.

Just as “Heavy Rain” did, Cage aims to deliver an emotional interactive movie/video game experience with “Beyond: Two Souls.”

As you’ll see in the new trailer, the visuals of “Beyond: Two Souls” are impressive and rank among the best the PlayStation 3 has produced to date.

“Beyond: Two Souls” will release for PS3 on Oct. 8.


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