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Beyonce adding cheating clause to pre-nup, will Jay Z agree to new terms?

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Persistent rumors about Jay Z’s alleged mistresses have forced Beyonce to update her pre-nup to include a cheating clause. Beyonce obviously feels it necessary to amend the original pre-nup she and Jay Z signed with a few clauses designed to keep her husband’s wandering eye in check. A report from Music News on July 15 states that one of the updates Beyonce demands is a cheating clause which would give her a lump sum of $5 million if Jay Z should stray. According to other news reports, Jay Z has yet to sign the revised pre-nup, agreeing to Beyonce’s new terms.

In the weeks following the widely publicized Solange – Jay Z elevator fight, Beyonce’s marriage has come under heavy scrutiny. Jay Z has been romantically linked with at least three women since then. But according to many tabloids and celebrity gossip sites, Jay Z’s alleged infidelity is nothing new. He has reportedly been cheating on Beyonce for many years.

Music industry insiders claim that Jay Z’s history of infidelity dates back to the six years he and Beyonce dated before they secretly married in 2008. His alleged cheating has reportedly continued during the six years he and Beyonce have been man and wife. According to Yahoo News on July 15, Beyonce is demanding that the cheating clause and other changes be added to their pre-nup as a way of taking charge of her marriage and asserting herself.

Jay Z’s most recent alleged mistresses include singer Mya, designer Rachel Roy, and Casey Cohen, a former reality TV star. All three women have individually come forward and made statements saying that they are not, and never have been romantically involved with Jay Z. But if Beyonce feels the need to add a cheating clause to her pre-nup, she’s probably not convinced, even though there is no solid proof of Jay Z’s infidelity.

Although the $5 million cheating clause sounds like a good idea, it’s doubtful that if Jay Z is really cheating on Beyonce, it will keep his wandering eye in check. For one thing, a $ 5 million penalty would hardly make a dent in the bank account of a man like Jay Z with a net worth of $520 million. Furthermore, if the infidelity rumors are true, a $5 million cheating clause won’t be much of a deterrent to an insanely wealthy man who has been cheating on his mate for the past 12 years. This may be a case of too little, too late.

It remains to be seen whether or not Jay Z will agree to Beyonce’s new terms and sign the amended pre-nup. The revised document is currently being reviewed by Jay Z’s lawyers, but sources close to the couple feel that to save his marriage and keep Beyonce from leaving him, Jay Z will probably sign. If Jay Z refuses to sign the amended pre-nup, there will probably be hell to pay.