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Benghazi bombshell report adds fuel to scandal

Benghazi bombshell report adds fuel to scandal
Benghazi bombshell report adds fuel to scandal
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The Benghazi bombshell report actually comes in three versions. One was aired last September 11 by the Romney campaign and Senators McCain and Graham presented another. According to The Atlantic Wire on August 2, 2013, a third report, which has been around for months, was reported on CNN Thursday night.

"CNN's Jake Tapper reported on Thursday night that there were 21 CIA operatives in the diplomatic post the night of the attack, and that the CIA is polygraphing operatives working in Libya as often as once a month to stop them from leaking to the press or Congress. "

The first two Benghazi bombshell reports have dissipated. The third, which alleges a CIA cover-up, is now gaining steam. Speculation suggests that the CIA wanted to keep quit that they were arming Syrian rebels through Benghazi. Also of interest is that there were 35 employees of the State Department present and 21 CIA operatives.

The core of the Benghazi bombshell report covers the events of the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya. Two attacks were launched. The first on the mission and the second on a CIA annex elsewhere in the city. Four people were killed, including the U.S. Ambassador, and ten others were injured. The President was accused of mishandling the incident. No one has been brought to justice for this to date.

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