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Benghazi attack controversy refueled by Boehner after e-mails released

Images from the White House's Benghazi attack scandal
Images from the White House's Benghazi attack scandal

The controversy surrounding the four American’s deaths during the Benghazi attack on Sept. 11, 2011, was reignited this past week when e-mails indicated an alleged cover-up by the Obama administration just before Obama’s reelection date. As well as the ongoing interest in a cover-up by high-profile persons directly linked to the White House – such as Hillary Rodham Clinton and Susan Rice – the question as to where President Barack Obama was during the incident. To this day, it is not known where Obama was and why he did not respond to the deadly situation, according to Fox News on Friday.

In response to e-mails exposed that discussed White House advisor Ben Rhodes' involvement, the White House – including the White House’s press secretary Jay Carney – has been sending messages to the press and public which aren’t settling well. Their responses to the new-evidence look like an extended cover-up and denial of facts that have continually taunted Obama and his White House. Carney suggested that the finally-publicly released e-mail had to do with Middle East topic in general and not Benghazi.

However, the e-mails were timed between the few days between the Benghazi attack and Susan Rice's now infamous appearances on multiple television broadcasts in which she blatantly said that the Benghazi attacks were not related to terrorism. Of course, Obama and his adminsitration wanted the impression that terrorism was no longer an issue for the U.S. - just before his election day. The e-mail that arose this past week – and was exposed after the watchdog group Judicial Watch followed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit – reveals that White House advisor Ben Rhodes did indeed discuss a “prep call” with then-United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice before she appeared on five Sunday television news and politics shows.

In the Sunday shows, she made her claims that the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with terrorists or 9-11’s anniversary, but claimed the attacks were over some YouTube film that had offended people in the Middle East. Her message was the same as Hillary Clinton’s message at the time. When put on the congressional hot seat regarding the reason for the deadly attack at Benghazi, quite incredibly, Clinton asked why the reason for the attack even matters.

In response to the latest revelations, John Boehner – House Speaker – announced on Friday that the House of Representatives will vote on establishing a select committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks again, according to Yahoo! News. Republicans in power are saying that the emails that have just been released this past week should have been made public months ago. It is the e-mails that were not divulged that has prompted Boehner to say there is a need for a select committee to continue investigating the Benghazi affair.