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Beatles 'U.S. Albums' box, single albums debut on American album charts

The Beatles “U.S. Albums” box set and some of the set's individual albums made their debuts on the music charts Jan. 30 in the latest update from Billboard, in chart listings provided to Beatles Examiner by Capitol Records/Universal Music Group today.

"The U.S. Albums" unpacked.
"The U.S. Albums" unpacked.
Capitol Records/Universal Music Group
The Beatles' "The U.S. Albums" box made its debut on the Billboard charts.
Capitol Records/Universal Music Group

The complete set debuted at #48 on the Billboard 200 chart of most popular albums. Also on the Billboard 200 from the set were "Hey Jude" at #72, "Yesterday and Today" at #74, "A Hard Day's Night" (Soundtrack) at #102, "Revolver" at #143, "Rubber Soul" at #170 and "Meet the Beatles!" at #171. Also on the chart and not from the set was "1" at #84.

Nine of the set's individual albums also made the list of Billboard's Catalog Albums chart. The albums, in descending order, are “Hey Jude” at #2, “Yesterday and Today” at #3, “A Hard Day's Night” at #7, “Revolver” at #18, “Rubber Soul” at #27, “Meet the Beatles!” at #28, “Help!” at #73, “Beatles '65” at #122” and “Something New” at #197. The top-rated album on that chart was “+” by Ed Sheeran.

Four other Beatles albums were also listed on the latest Catalog Album chart update: “1” at #6, “Abbey Road” at #51, “The Beatles (White Album)” at #80 and “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band” at #84.

Source: Capitol Records/Universal Music Group


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