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Beatles news: McCartney says Fabs hesitant to reunite; chart news; ax tribute

The cover of Randy Jackson's album of Beatles covers.
The cover of Randy Jackson's album of Beatles covers.
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Paul McCartney told Kevin & Bean in an interview on KROQ-FM May 6 that the four Beatles discussed a reunion in the 1970s. It wasn't the money that kept them from doing it, he said.

“We’ve been through all the sort of joys and the horrors of being in a band. We’ve done everything we’ve wanted to do and if we now sort of get back together again, it could fall flat. We might not enjoy it, so why do it? As we say in England, ‘Leave ‘em laughing’,” he told the show.

He says he looks back at the Beatles years with a lot of pride. “It’s like kind of talking about your college days when you’re kind of not at college anymore and there’s quite a few years gone by. With the Beatles, so much what we did was incredible. And I can talk like that because it’s over,” he said. “There’s so many great moments that I actually like being reminded of them.” Hear the entire interview here.

Chart news: For the Billboard issue of May 10, the Beatles' chart standings showed some good news. On the Billboard 200, the “1” album was at #177, up from #185 on May 3. On the Catalog Album chart, “1” was at #29, up from #38. And on the Vinyl Albums chart, “Abbey Road” make a reappearance this week at #11.

Zebra meets the Beatles: Zebra guitarist Randy Jackson recently released an interesting album of strong acoustic guitar-heavy interpretations of Beatles songs called “Empathy for the Walrus: Music of the Beatles, Songs of Hope.” Cuts include “Free As A Bird,” “Something,” “I Am the Walrus” and the “Abbey Road Medley.” “I originally thought I would just do one track of guitar and one track of vocal but as the project progressed I kept wanting to hear more,” Jackson said. “I ended up keeping it simple but doing enough guitar overdubs and harmonies to bring the whole project up a notch." The album is also available from iTunes.

Colorful: The Doors Examiner Jim Cherry told us about artist Aramis Fraino's interesting exhibition of Beatles art online. The exhibit includes very unique pictures of the Beatles, plus the individual members. He says it's dedicated “to my favorite band.” Worth a look.

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