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Beatles' 'A Hard Day's Night' film to be re-released in theaters and on DVD

The Beatles' first film “A Hard Day's Night” will be re-released to theaters, digitally and again on DVD and Blu-ray this summer, New Musical Express (NME) reported March 14.

The Beatles' first movie is being re-released.
United Artists

NME said the fully restored film will be premiered in theaters on July 4, and also available for download that day. July 21 will see the release of a limited edition DVD and Blu-ray. Criterion Collection had previously posted a clue that they would be releasing it, but there has been no announcement confirming that. (Update: Criterion's announcement is here.)

The film has been released on DVD three times. It was first released in 1997 by MPI with a stereo soundtrack and an introductory video with “I'll Cry Instead” and a second video of “You Can't Do That” not included in the movie but shown on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

It was released in a two-disc set in 2002 by Miramax with a mono soundtrack. It had a second disc called "Give Me Everything!" with a special about the film called "Things They Said Today...", and 30 interviews with most of the surviving cast and crew members, including director Richard Lester, Sir George Martin and co-star John Junkin, but no new interviews with the Beatles. Both previous DVDs are now out of print.

Pattie Boyd, who had a bit role in the movie with a one-word speaking part ("Prisoners?") and later married George Harrison, is appearing at a 50th anniversary screening of the film in July at Catalina Island Museum.


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