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Beatle news briefs: Santiago pre-sale; Juanes and friends; Denny goes to camp

Some of the John Lennon designer clothing on sale at vente privee.
Some of the John Lennon designer clothing on sale at vente privee.
Courtesy vente privee

Paul McCartney's website opened the pre-sale of tickets for his April concert in Santiago, Chile March 12. Despite saying other shows would be announced “imminently,” there's been no other new shows confirmed by the site at this writing. Published reports in South America says there will be a string of shows in the Southern Hemisphere as the tour begins its 2014 outings.

Paul McCartney
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With a little help: Our friend Barbara Pazmino tells us that the new Juanes CD, “Loco De Amor,” features Paul McCartney band members Abe Loboriel Jr. and Brian Ray.

Denny Seiwell goes to camp: Former Wings drummer Denny Seiwell will be among the musicians at the latest Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp at the House of Blues April 10-13 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Along with Seiwell, also there will be Bobby Whitlock of Derek and the Dominoes, Jonny Lang, Gary Hoey, Slim Jim Phantom, John Popper of Blues Traveler, Ana Popovic, Eric Gales. More information is here.

Clothing sale: The online flash sale website vente-privee launched a sale on March 12 of new men’s designer clothing with images inspired by the art of John Lennon, a spokesman told Beatles Examiner today. The sale includes over 75 different styles of graphic T-shirts and solid-colored and patterned button down shirts with prices that are up to 70% off retail price. You can see some of the designs in the slideshow on this page.

If you like the Beatles: The music video streaming site Zuus has a channel called “If You Like The Beatles.” The first video we saw on the channel was Paul McCartney's “Queenie Eye.” It's not strictly a Beatles channel, as we also saw Neil Young's “Hitchhiker,” R.E.M's “Aftermath” and Green Day's “Macy's Day Parade.” It looks like the music gears toward more modern than classic, though.

More "Let It Be": Collectors Music Reviews says a new bootleg DVD of the movie "Let It Be" taken from a Japanese TV broadcast is being released.

Things We Said Today”: Don't miss the latest edition of the weekly Beatles news show we co-host with Ken Michaels. You'll catch a great political discussion with James A. Mitchell, author of the book, “The Walrus & the Elephants: John Lennon's Years of Revolution.” It's available for free download now on our site.


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