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Beast blames all things non-‘progressive’ for Las Vegas killers

Groups using an American flag motif also figured prominently among the killer's Facebook "likes."
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

True to form and right on cue, “progressive” pundits who feed themselves pushing citizen disarmament and other ways of subverting true egalitarian power sharing are out in force, blaming everyone outside their collectivist echo chamber for the actions of two misfit killers. As per standard practice, The Daily Beast’s John Avlon pulls out all the stops in his front page headliner, projecting his own function as “online snake-oil salesman and professional polarizer” onto beliefs he’d like to see marginalized and stamped out.

“Hatriot politics created the Las Vegas killers,” he insists, and then sets out to tell us who the guilty parties are. He basically means everyone who’s not a doctrinaire true believer in fundamentally transforming America into a kinder, gentler monopoly of violence collective, and Avlon’s scattergun approach bears that out. His targets are numerous, and include Hobby Lobby, the employer of one dead killer, a company he can’t resist telling readers is “embroiled in a faith-based lawsuit,” meaning the mean old Christian founders don’t think government should be able to force people of faith to violate their beliefs, and are seeking peaceable redress through the courts to protect their religious freedom.

Heavens! If that doesn’t qualify as “hatriot politics,” what does? Besides that supreme work of hate literature, the Bible, was also “the couple’s favorite book according their Facebook page,” Avlon discloses, at the same time sharing his credentials as a New Testament authority, or at least acting like he has some. Other guilty parties influencing the killers included Ron Paul, the Heritage Foundation, Freedom Works, NRA (naturally), radio host Alex Jones, Batman (which is curious, since the Caped Crusader is a big proponent of “gun control”), the Bundys, and my good friend and colleague Mike Vanderboegh.

Those last two are curious, as Avlon makes no attempt to tell Beast worshippers that the killers were turned away from the Bundy ranch at the suggestion of Vanderboegh, whom Avlon says one of the killers “seemed to identify with.”

"‘Seemed to identify’? With the Three Percent?” Vanderboegh asked in his response on the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog. “You mean like our embrace of ‘No Fort Sumters’? You mean like our insistence upon no targeting of innocents? You mean they identified with the same people who ran them off from the Bundy place?

“You see, gentle readers, this professional prevaricator for politics and profit links people such as ourselves (and even Ron and Rand Paul) with right collectivist murderers who apparently embraced the swastika and began killing innocents,” Vanderboegh explained. “Avlon's use of lying language and false guilt by disassociation here puts him in the Julius Streicher league, that's for sure. ‘Hatriots’? It is Avlon who is transparently unhinged, here, not us.”

The obvious conclusion is, the blame game Avlon is playing has no “solutions” short of ideology control, beginning with putting a chill on speaking out against government excesses and abuses, something Eric Holder is resurrecting to “progressive” cheers with his “Homegrown Terrorist Task Force.” Still, as long as Avlon is intent on pointing fingers based on Facebook “likes” and posts, there are a few guilty parties of influence he left out, like the Seattle Seahawks, Martin Luther King , those who call for a color-blind society, Harriet Tubman, an LGBT group and marijuana legalization advocates, among others (come to think of it, groups featuring an American flag motif also figured prominently among one of the killer's Facebook "likes," so perhaps the people in the photo accompanying this article also share in the culpability). And as long as Avlon is blaming groups for moral choices made by individuals, one can’t forget the old bugaboo of the control über alles crowd, electronic games.

Or we could just admit that people are all influenced to one degree or another by the outside world, and the vast majority of them manage to handle the culture we’re immersed in without turning lethal. Failing that, have I mentioned that ACLU member Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated NRA life member John F. Kennedy?


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