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Bearhawk wins two awards at Oshkosh

A very good airplane - the Bearhawk
A very good airplane - the Bearhawk

Good work pays off: At Oshkosh 2013, not one but TWO kit built Bearhawks won prizes for outstanding workmanship. Ted Callahan of Magnolia, TX, and Georg Himmeroeder of Alamagordo, NM, both built exceptionally beautiful and well finished out examples of the Bearhawk.

Pilots of Bearhawk community who had seen the planes already knew this. However, it was very gratifying for Georg and Ted to have the extremely picky judges at Oshkosh recognize their craftsmanship from among the 1000's of planes on the field. Of course, Bearhawks are not hanger queens that were built for winning trophies. Both Ted and Georg use their planes for what they are designed for. Georg flies into the mountain strips of Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico. Bearhawk designer Bob Barrows has done it again. With the success of his popular 4-place Bearhawk and the sporty 2-place Bearhawk Patrol behind him, Barrows turned his attention to his next creation, the Bearhawk LSA. Barrows unveiled his new LSA at Airventure (Oshkosh) last July and the response was overwhelming and plans sales are going well.

Despite the fact that the new Bearhawk LSA looks similar to the Bearhawk Patrol (2-place with a roomy cockpit for the big guys), the LSA is really a clean sheet design, with an all new airfoil designed in part by Harry Riblett.

Reportedly, the LSA construction is similar to Barrows' previous projects, with the fuselage and tail surfaces using the traditional 4130 Chromalloy tube and fabric design. The wings are an all-aluminum, flush-riveted design, with a single strut.

Currebtly, the Bearhawk LSA is only available as a plans-build project, but Bearhawk Aircraft is in the process of tooling up to start manufacturing quickbuild kits for the new LSA, just like they do for the four-place Bearhawk and two place tandem Patrol. Many builders will find the kits to be a good value considering the thousands of hours saved.