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Beagle who survived animal gas chamber doggie star at Rose Parade

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Daniel the Beagle Dwyer hopped aboard the float for the 125th Tournament of the Roses Parade on New Year's Day as "spokesdog" for the Lucy Pet Foundation. And of course, Daniel was joined by a host of other performing pooches; all rescue dogs and all on board the doggie inspired float to promote dog rescue adoptions.

The Lucy Pet Foundation, founded by Joey Herrick, former President of Natural Balance pet foods, continues to focus on mobile clinics able to provide spay, neuter, and adoption facilities to help reduce the nearly 80,000 kittens, puppies, dogs, and cats euthanized each week in the United States in city and county shelters.

And the "spokesdog" Daniel, is best known for having survived the doggie gas chamber in a shelter in Florence, Ala. At only six-months old, Daniel was slated to die by carbon monoxide poisoning with 17 other dogs. That terrible day in the Alabama shelter, the dogs all gasped for breath as they desperately clawed at the walls of their death vault, but for Daniel a miracle happened.

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Twenty minutes later, when shelter employees opened up the door of the gas chamber, Daniel walked out; he was even wagging his tail. So affected by the dog's will to survive, Daniel was transported to a local veterinarian to be checked out and administered care. He was then sent to The Eleventh Hour Rescue in Rockaway, N.J. where he was adopted by motivational speaker Joe Dwyer.

Daniel, now two-years-old, lives with the four other rescue dogs at the Dwyer household, but even more important is his human companion helping Daniel to spread the word about rescue adoptions as well as to support legislation to end the use of gas chambers in the United States as a means of euthanasia.

Daniel and Dwyer's influence have already banned the inhumane pet euthanasia in 31 U.S. states.

According the American Humane Association, the use of gas chambers is inhumane to animals and dangerous to humans.

Join the Lucy Pet Foundation's Facebook conversations and help to spread the word about the wonderful dogs and cats available at local shelters. Help to educate owners to have their pets neutered and spayed, and end the mass murder of so many healthy pets.

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