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Beagle and baby: Beagle says 'sorry' by fetching toy after toy until tot buried

A beagle and a baby – the makings of a viral Internet vid. Seen well over two million times, an apologetic beagle, who stole an infant girl’s toy, “apologized” in the cutest of ways by fetching toy upon toy and dropping them on the baby in the bouncer.

How can our beagle friend make it up? Let’s count the ways (and the toys), as we watch this adorable pup do all he can to make amends for absconding with the baby girl’s property.

The guilty dog video shows it’s never too late to say “I’m sorry,” even if the apology comes with a little dog saliva slopped on the side.

The video shows dad holding a colorful, jingling toy over his daughter’s bouncer, but the beagle thief, named “Charlie,” takes it away. Once the little girl realizes that her toy is missing, she starts to cry. Well, Charlie won’t have that. He goes around the house trying to succor the crying tot, even dragging over a box of toys at one point to select the best one!

In the end, the little girl is completely covered in an assortment of toys and random objects – but at least she had stopped crying. Well done Charlie!

The video, entitled "Guilty dog apologizes baby for stealing her toy" on YouTube, can be seen on CharlieDaDog's account. The video has been around for a few months, but lately has rocketed to millions of views.

If cats are more your thing, then recently we wrote about an unusual two-faced cat that was taking the Internet by storm.

Two-Face was a criminal and enemy of Batman; a fractured man whose mental state and physical deformities turned him into a schizoid criminal mastermind obsessed with duality.

We’re pretty sure this unique and too-cute cat is not him, though the black and calico faced feline most definitely looks like two cats fused together.

Known as “Venus,” she’s called a Chimera cat, and her spectacular black-and-tan fur along with two unique eye colors make her one of a kind. The right side of Venus’ face is black with a green eye, her left side is calico with a blue eye. Because we all know that the Internet was created for cute kitties and their videos, (and beagles) here is Venus and her YouTube channel.


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