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Beach boot camp with Colonel Bob

Good health and fitness go hand-in-hand.  But when most people think about getting fit, the first thing that evitably comes to mind is going to the gym and struggling to get through one boring workout after the next.  While hitting the gym may keep some people motivated, the rest of us are constantly searching for new (and fun) ways to stay in shape.  So if you are looking to breathe some life into your fitness routine, Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein (aka Colonel Health) is ready to kick your butt into shape--on the beach!  

Colonel Bob's Beach Boot Camp consists of military-style workouts that take place directly across the street from the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort on gorgeous Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Got a specific problem area you want to target?  Colonel Bob has a class for you--choose from Abs on the Beach, Hips-Thighs-Butt on the Beach, Chest-Arms-Shoulders-and-Back on the Beach, Stretch that Body on the Beach, etc., etc.  And if you want to bring your puppy along for a sweat session--not a problem!  Yes folks, Colonel Bob even has a Dog Workout. 

Whether you live in the Fort Lauderdale area or are just visiting, you can get a taste of what the Colonel has to offer.  Individual classes are $17 and packages rates range from $130 to $1000+.  In addition, these classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels so there is no reason to feel intimidated if you haven't worked out in awhile. 

It's time to challenge your body and your mind Beach Boot Camp style!